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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Snap!Crackle and Pop! With Contemporary At SAKs

Time to snap your fingers and head to Saks fifth avenue to check out there Contemporary Pop-up section for local based designers, Bow, Kage and Dinz. Saks celebrated the designers creations and showcases these specific designs exclusively.
FG10 popped to 'I'm Going to Saks for everything Contemporary' event, where we had some yummy candy and taste D-lite yogurt, while drooling over the latest from the designers.
Couldn't help but snap away at what Dubai fashionistas were wearing...

We had fun taking our photoes with photobooth-ME

A BOW creation!!!

the DINZ department!

KAGE section!

Bright patterns and flashy shoes we just love on Enjy Kiwan Fouladgar

Fashion Editor for Grazia Elaine Greenshields couldn't resist some
Tasti D-Lite

Designer of Bow Amanda Gedeon wearing her own design and
I got my eye on this hooded jumpsuit, wouldn't mind the shoes either!

LadyFozaza has her eyes on this Lush dress by Kage

Asma Saif sporting a new hairdo, check out the shoes!!!

Dana Adjina has only got Love for SAKs

Images belong to Fashiongossip10

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