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Sunday, September 5, 2010

tasti D-lite HITS Dubai with some COUTURE CRAVINGS!!

Cant say i wasnt thrilled!!! finally a Day of shopping and some guilt free toppings ;) 
The Mother of all Guilt Free pleasure is coming and sooner than you think!
one week and counting!
FG10 girls will be keeping u posted!

ofcourse u know something this good is gona get some Famous followers!
Tasti D-Lite, the lower-fat, lower-calorie frozen treat made famous by the HBO show Sex and the City (character Charlotte is eating it in the above photo), will soon be available in DUBAI!! 

Juliana Margulies from the ER and Keiran, accompanied by a tattooed friend, hit up a Tasti D Lite in the Village, where she appeared to purchase some sort of vanilla/chocolate hybrid.

Richard Gere  and familt was spotted in the West Village section of New York City where they got some ice cream at the local Tasti D-Lite.

To find out more for now CLICK HERE!

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