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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Eternal Light: Book your session for a Better Life

The road towards a better life begins by learning to listen to our inner self and be willingly ready to heal it. Dubai’s “Eternal Light” Yoga and Healing Center has opened its doors to help you find your “self”, list to it, and connect with it.

Life has changed and for many the word “change” is often unwelcome. From our relationships with our parents, to that with our partner, friends, boss and colleagues, how well are you fit to handle the daily struggle and endure what has become known as “survival of the fittest”? Indeed, the more fit you are, the better you’ll live.

And that kind of fitness does not require a gym; it requires mental fitness which begins by learning to listen to our inner self and be willingly ready to heal it.

Discover the inner “poison”, recognize the "enemy", discover the power of patience, master putting out the fire, and discover the technique of making “problem people” disappear.

Healing can give you the tools to clear: 
Weight issues, Emotional Blockages, heal Traumas, unleash your God Given Gifts and create the necessary inner and outer environment that will aid in creating an inner balance between mind body and spirit.

Book your session now at the “Eternal Light” Yoga and Healing Center at the Fairmont Hotel offices located on the Sheikh Zayed Road.

For more info, please call 04-3116526

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