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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Stella McCartney gets sheepish with latest handbag design

Stella McCartney's popular Falabella bag has been given a woolly makeover courtesy of the sheep from her farm.

So close in fact, the wool used for the Falabella bag's latest interpretation comes from her garden, off the backs of her flock of sheep.
The animal-lover and vegetarian famously doesn't use any leather or fur across any aspect of her ethical clothing label, but the excess wool generated by the sheep which graze on her Cotswolds farm has found new life on 38 small Itsy Bitsy Falabella tote, which retails at £1,150. The name Itsy Bitsy comes from two of the sheep which reside on her country pile.

Kate Moss, Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson are off fans of the Falabella collection, which is trimmed with distinctive silver chain hardware. The mink-hued Itsy Bitsy style features three-dimensional textured panels courtesy of the English sheep.

The label, which was founded by the mother-of-four 12 years ago, works only with wool suppliers that do not subject sheep to mulesing (a controversial practice whereby excess skin from the sheep's hindquarters is removed in order to prevent infection and death from fly strike), and that if the aforementioned process is key to an animal's welfare, that the sheep is placed under anaesthetic.

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