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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Rihanna's new TV show teaser

A sneak peek at Rihanna's new TV show, 'Styled To Rock', and her hunt for the next 'fashion sensation'.

Rihanna has a new teaser for her reality TV show, Styled To Rock , and she's on the hunt for the next "fashion sensation" - vague-speak for "designer", although there's a tweak on the ol' Project Runway format in that said sensation has to be a dab hand at styling as well.

"You are dope!" she tells one of the 12 hopefuls battling it out to dress a different star every week. "You're the bomb!" she says high-fiving another. The top prize is creating her outfit for Wireless - which, compared to PR's $100,000, spread in a glossy and fancy car, is pretty small time. Plus, we've already seen the winning outfit - a classic Rihanna flash-your-bum-and-tum hot-pants and crop-top number - as the festival was last week. The designer, though, is still being kept under wraps; their big moment, and they can't even bask in the glory - talk about being short-changed.

The singer won't be showing her face every week, so Henry Holland and Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud (with a special appearance by Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud's veneers) have been drafted in as co-hosts. Rihanna's stylist, Lysa Cooper, is also on hand as guru and as the Simon Cowell-ish ball-buster of the show choice quote: "They better bring their A-game"

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