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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Kate Moss saves George Michael’s life

British supermodel Kate Moss makes a life-saving cameo in George Michael's latest music video.

In the words of Gabrielle, dreams can come true - especially if you're Kate Moss and that dream involves George Michael.

The singer took to his Twitter page to confirm rumours that Kate had filmed a cameo in the video for his new single, White Light , which is said to be all about his recent battle with pneumonia.
"Oh and by the way, in the video, a certain supermodel (Kate) saves my life. We shot two endings, one with the heimlich menouvre...and one where she gives me full on CPR. Mouth to mouth. Not really," he tweeted. "But honestly, she is my saviour, on film at least."

It's not the first music video Moss has appeared in - she pole-danced in the video for The White Stripes' 'I Just Don't Know What to Do With Myself' in 2003 and also appeared in Primal Scream's Some Velvet Morning video.

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