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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Kim Kardashian Admits: "I copy others...."

Well.... At least she admits it, right?? Plus, like her or not, this woman is a stunner!!

Kim Kardashian copies other stars' looks and flips through magazines for style inspiration.
The reality TV star says it is flattering to be considered a fashion icon by her fans but admits she looks to fellow celebrities and fashion magazines for inspiration like everybody else.

Kim likes the feeling of being an inspiration to others though.

"It feels so weird [to be considered a style icon], I mean I want everyone to be an individual and be themselves but it's also flattering to be inspirational to people, or for them to be inspired by a certain hairstyle or make-up look or little outfits," she told UK TV show Lorraine.

"Because I do that with other people, I look through magazines and I'm like, 'I like her hair here and her make-up there and I love this outfit or these shoes'. It's very flattering."

Kim also spoke of her favourite fashion items during the interview. The 31-year-old beauty revealed she owns "14 Birkins" and named her favourite designer as Celine. She added that she couldn't live without a simple white dress from her own Sears Kardashian collection, before discussing UK fashion.

"I think [British style] it's really good and really different. Everyone is so individual, everyone has a different style. Every person I see has their own, totally individual style," she said. "I love to mix highs and lows [designer fashion and high street clothing], I mean I think it's always a good balance to mix. I like to mix it up for sure."

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