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Monday, July 9, 2012

Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld show off 'Little Black Jacket'

If you pride yourself on being a fashionable sort, get ready to don your favorite, well, little black jacket as you check out the touring Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld photo exhibition "The Little Black Jacket." 

Click on the image to view "THE JACKET VIDEO - Making of..."

Unsurprisingly, the photographs on display are of models wearing little black jackets, shot beautifully in black and white. Each model gives an original take on the look, bringing so much personality that as C├ęcile Cassel puts it, "we almost forget the jacket when we see all the people, so it reveals who you are." 
The events have received a lot of hype as celebrities both in and out of the fashion world have attended the exhibitions and have discussed the project on film. 

All of these videos, featuring some very intense violins, are currently on the Chanel website. The installment has already run for a week in Tokyo, New York and Tapei, and is currently finishing its run in Hong Kong.

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