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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Five WORST dressed Men of the Month

Now we really don't like to list the worst, but when you get this list down there, you really cannot help it!! I mean seriously!! But hey! That does not make us love you less ;)

Ian Somerhalder in Los Angeles

Loved you in Lost, Boone, but you're wearing a blouse.

Pete Wentz in Malibu, California

Where do you even get a sweatshirt like this? It looks like the realization of something designed in crayon by a toddler.

Will Smith in NYC

A few weeks removed from this, and it's still a hall-of-famer for least flattering ties ever.

will.i.am in London

Motorcycle jacket or DB blazer. Pick one.

Elton John in London

If you're going to model your style after a Batman villain, try to keep it in the Christopher Nolan era. This is some Batman Returns shit and it's not okay. Also, don't model your style after a Batman villain.

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