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Sunday, April 3, 2011

SAVE THE DATE: Dima Ayad's FAB 1st SALE at Raffles Dubai!

Dima Ayad Welcomes Summer with Brights and
Classical Must-Haves

Designer set up first collection sale at Raffles Dubai Hotel

Summer is here and what better way to celebrate it than to add some brightness to your wardrobe and vamp your style with colourfully chic dresses? In a city that has mastered the ‘dress to impress’ concept and with a glamorous stylish set that doesn’t shy away from bold sartorial statements, the Dima Ayad evening wear line on sale will promise to do just that!

Set on
 Friday 8th and Saturday 9th April 2011
 from 11am to 7pm at the majestic Raffles Dubai hotel, Dima Ayad is inviting you to her first ever sale event, where stand-out pieces from her A/W 2010 collection that were sold until recently at S*uce, will be available at half the original price, that’s a 50% discount on all remaining items in her eveningwear collection.

The sale event will be held in the privacy of the library, on the hotel’s third floor, and will have everything women on a frenzied shopping-spree need with refreshments and light snacks to boost energy and a tailor for last minute adjustments.      Consisting of evening dresses and the crowning piece – The Vivian must-have blazer, the unique pieces built on Dima Ayad’s signature style. Inspired by cities around the world and the way they ignite with light by night, the pieces come in an array of bright, rich and audacious colours, flattering fabrics and shapes that embody perfectly the playful mood of the hot months to arrive.



This collection is unashamedly flirty and fun and set the mood for any event. With her intuitive approach to draping women’s shapes, regardless of sizes - it is all about sassy silhouettes! - and innate flair for colour and fabric combinations, Dima Ayad dresses the bold and the bountiful. Not for the fashion-faint hearted, each dazzling piece from her collection promises to make one feel and look effortlessly beautiful and self-confident. A word of caution though: needs to wear with a lot of attitude!
“The theme of this collection is ‘Let’s Get Loud’. Each piece is a bold statement reflecting edge and most certainly personality. For us living in the region, the eternal land of sand and sun, we get to shake things up all year round” says Dima Ayad.

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