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Monday, January 10, 2011

Shopping in Jeddah: The Jasmine Box Boutique

After the Stunning one of a kind wedding i flew to Jeddah for, i could'nt resist sticking around for more.. Fashion that is :) ... you wont beleive what the streets of jeddah have hidden .. The fashionistas of this region might be familiar with this Boutique but for the ones who arent.. 
This was like walking in my closet! literally 

A Winter Kate from Nicole Richie design, they had everything you could want from her collection!
i personally went a bit nuts!


Lovely staff! and ones i will be seeing again soon!

Check out the Jasmine Box site for more info

And do pass by for some HOT FASHION if ur in town



ravanza said...

I love how every time I'm back in Jeddah, some new cute boutique opens up in town. I got to attend bazar "besat al ree7" just before leaving town and so many new small businesses are opening up with gorgeous fashion items. Can't wait to see what some of my hometown girls come up with =) thanks for the post.

Richie Riches for Less said...

What pieces did you get?? :))


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