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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Wedding pics.. from Jeddah with Love

A wedding to rmbr from the start to finish as the day was pushed to a historical date 1/1/11 due to the rain! they say everything happens for a reason i say hellllllo DESTINY you never looked soo good :) 

The setting was like we landed in Hawaii and the Bride was a vision, Glowing and beatiful.. 
Th guests were all dressed to impress and here are a few pics as promised..

Wish them both a lifetime of LOVE and Happiness and a start of a wonderful New Year...
I hope everyone finds their love at some point and ENJOY EACH OTHER... 



Exquisit said...

Loved it!
Congratulations to the bride and groom.

Anonymous said...

same as the first day i saw U gorgeous

meme said...

was all stoked thn i realized deng whr is this wedding headed all u hv to change is the grooms clothes n it would be the west its unfortunate how some of us r not able to marry fol. Quran n Sunnah n still remain fierce may Allah guide the newly weds to a better way of understanding just concerned we r not believers til we want for our bro/sis wht we want for ourselves love from mombasa inchaAllah all the work done by sheikh Al Islam still remains supreme colonialism maybe dead but alas it was replaced w/ imperialism beware fr a former british subject asante thank u 4 gvn be a way to express myself Allah is the most merciful thank u


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