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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

FG10 covers: the Launch of Elie Saab's 1st perfume!

Women today build their happiness with determination....
They own their dreams and aspirations and dont want to give anything up...
especially not their wildest dreams!!

They want to live an exceptional moment, where they feel absolutely feminine.
And who cares if it doesnt last.....
For a moment, for a night, or for a lifetime they will be the heroins
of their own lives, modern day princesses...

Intensely feminine, magnetic, radiant, Anja Rubik incamates this urban princess
at the magic moment when the exceptional appears in the everyday...

Tonight, the Whole world is waiting for her... She is floating over the city, radiant.
Wearing a sublime chiffon dress that seems to carry her. 
She moves forward, bathed in light, making her way through the crowd.
The light fabric shines like a brilliant veil against the darkness of the city. 
She is living this exceptional moment with intensity....

In her trail, ELIE SAAB Le Parfum signs this brilliant apparition of femininity.
A pure marvel of light and sophistication, captured in a magnificent photographic interpretation 
by Mert and Marcus

in the Fashion world few names make an international buzz and Elie Saab was never a stranger to the Arab world as his name began to tickle our fashion senses worldwide and especially in Hollywood as his dresses were seen on the likes of Halle Berry among many beautiful leading ladies of the screen and off screen! 

i was curious to see how his fragrance will capture the passion he has for dressing women with what he says he has a lot of respect for a women's character and curves... a true lady... a passion i always knew existed in Elie Saab but had the privilege of seeing it through his eyes as he unveiled a fragrance that is as addictive to our smell as his designs are to our eyes...
Created by the talented Francis Kurkdjian

Myself and Elie Saab

photo courtesy of mahryska

"I like "womenly" women, women who twirl their dresses with desire and pride"

Elie Saab Says...

"Ever since my chidlhood in Lebanon, i've examined the way they dress, i've always
wanted to please them by flattering their curves"  

i would say a great new beginning to bring 
fourth what Elie Saab truly represents... 

An exclusive event with some Great Fashion Fwd and Elegant crowd 
as we give u a peak into the Launch...

A model standing with the fragrance

Ahmad Daabas  looking Dashing as ever as Fashion Editor of 
Velvet Magazine
With the lovely  Blogette tinayums

Cute as a button blogette mahryska
Rocks these Zara must have summer pants

photo courtesy of mahryska

my look for the Launch was very VB inspired 
in a structured Zara red dress
with Louboutin Black pumps 
and the LAdy Dior in Black

photo courtesy of mahryska

*images belong to Fashiongossip10*


Mallika said...

You look gorgeous :)

LadyFozaza said...

Thank you beautiful <3 <3

Rumaitha said...

Echoing what Mallika just sad, very gorgeous <3

Can't wait to get a sniff off the new perfume.

Maha M. said...

Anoud I love this dress on you! You really work red well xx

LadyFozaza said...

Rummy... Thank you luv xxxxx u really should try it.. its a fab mix of orange blossom flowers with Cedar wood and white roses with Jasmine. a crazy mix that will make a summer statement for sure.. too bad it doesnt last as long as one would hope but maybe its cause u cant help keep sniffing it... lol

Maha.. Thaaaaank you xoxoxxo

Anonymous said...

Totally in love with your bag! Great choice!!

Unknown said...

The team analyzed the lead and neodymium isotope,Gucci Borse and finally the age of iron anorthosite back 4.36 billion years ago...

Florine D.M said...

So pretty! And I love your accessories .

Unknown said...

Love the whole look! Especially the bag! Xx


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