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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Lottie Moss stars in first fashion shoot

Kate Moss may be celebrating turning 40 today but her little sister Lottie is celebrating the unveiling of her first modelling gig

Kate Moss's half-sister Lottie Moss has taken up her first proper modelling gig after being officially signed by Storm Models last week - and she's gone to her former almost-brother-in-law's publication to do so.

The 16-year-old stars in an editorial entitled From Lottie with Love in the latest issue of Dazed & Confused, the magazine that was set up by Jefferson Hack, Kate Moss's former partner and the father of her daughter Lila.

The shoot, which has been strategically released on the day of elder Moss's 40th birthday, took place on the streets of London with photographers Sean and Seng, both of whom couldn't have been more taken with the teen.

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