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Friday, April 5, 2013

Shazam creates fashion ID app

Shazam's app could eventually allow users to identify the outfit of an on-screen personality in just one click.

The technology masterminds behind the app that identifies songs is now taking a foray into fashion. In an attempt to revolutionise the way we use mobile phones to shop and consume information - and to transform the lives of fashion-hungry women around the globe - Shazam's app could eventually allow users to ID clothing worn by individuals on-screen.

"We have the ability to identify the product in a TV show so that when somebody Shazams it, they could find out where a presenter's dress is from in one click," CEO Andrew Fisher tells the Guardian .

This fashion-tracker is part of a wider merchandising feature from Shazam, which enables viewers to obtain information on American casts and shows, including trivia, music in the broadcast and branded items which they can purchase. Shazam will continue innovating around this feature, and work towards that super speedy outfit identification state we are now praying for.

1 comment:

Katarina Stimac said...

This would be sooo amazing!
Can't wait for it to happen!

La Kat


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