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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Kanye West Ditched Kim Kardashian For French Mistress!

So that's why they're sleeping on separate continents!!!

Reports say Kanye West is sooooo busy recording new cuts in fabulous France that he has no time for anything stateside, including his lovely lady who's preggo with Ye Jr., Kim Kardashian!

We told you Kanye teamed up with Daft Punk to record two sweet new tracks with the French electronic duo, but he invited American rappers to the studio to help marvelous music, too!

Chief Keef and Young Chop both tweeted about traveling across the Atlantic to record with The Louis Vuitton Don and they sound totally excited!!!

We don't know what to expect from Kanye's next effort, but if it's anywhere as amazeballz as Watch the Throne or My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy the world is in for a delicious treat!

At least now we have a reasonable explanation for why Kimmy K and her bulging baby bump attended the MTV Movie Awards with her sis, LOLz!

That's not to say the his soon-to-be baby mama is chopped liver, though — rumors persist that Kim might lend her vocal talents to his record as well!

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