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Sunday, April 7, 2013

FG10 covers: CH Carolina Herrera's White Shirt

In Fashion, there are certain key pieces that NEVER go out of style but are constantly being 
reenvented by different designers every season. 
Among the key peices that a true fashionista MUST own like the LBD (Little Black Dress), 
Who better to design it than the ever so talented and legendary Carolina Herrera. 
I had the pleasure of meeting the amazing woman behind the empire in Dubai with her Daughter
and i have no words to describe such talent, beauty and grace.


What are the key items of clothing that every woman should have in her closet? 
It varies. I don’t think every woman has the same things. I think it’s very important to own a white shirt that you can wear it with trousers, you can wear it with a long skirt, with a short skirt, for daytime, for evening. It’s a very important thing. 

A white shirt suits you well. Why is that? 
I think I’ve always loved white shirts. It’s like a security blanket for me because I feel that I can wear them with anything and I have been wearing white shirts for such a long time. My first white shirt was when I was going to school and I had a little white shirt with Peter Pan collars and I always wear white shirts to ride, to play tennis, for everything…

How do you wear the white shirt? What do you accessorize it with? When do you wear it? 
It all depends where you’re going. Because in the evening you can accessorize it with jewels or you can accessorize it with whatever you think you are going to wear as a skirt or trousers and then for daytime you do it in a different way: simpler.

How do each of you make the white shirt your own? How does Carolina, the daughter make it her own? 
They make the white shirts their own because they are two different styles… Carolina will wear it in a different way that I do and that I call, that’s developing  your own style. It’s wearing the shirt the way it fits you.

What’s the age of the woman who wears the CH Carolina Herrera white shirt? 
I think the white shirts are ageless, they don’t have any age. There isn’t an age of a woman or a young girl who wears a white shirt. It can be worn always.

Any funny White Shirt stories? 
That was very funny that story of Carolina when we were in that restaurant in Madrid… a friend of them came in and I was wearing a white shirt and a black skirt and he was very nervous, this gentleman who arrived there and talking to me he threw the whole red wine glass at me and he was so nervous, I thought he was going to pass out and I said, “but don’t worry… I mean, white is such a boring color.” So he was very happy because I had a big, red mark of red wine. 

The white shirt has evolved throughout history, undergoing countless transformations and reinventing itself to become a basic but essential icon. It is a key garment which can be perfectly combined with any outfit.

Carolina Herrera is a loyal ambassador of the white shirt and has made it a must have piece in many of her collections, since she began in 1981. In fact, it has become a symbol of her personal style, and has become an iconic element of the fashion house.

Since she began in 1981, she has constantly featured white shirts in her collections, adapting them and updating them every season, and demonstrating their great versatility.

In the designer own words: “They have always been part of my life. They make me feel secure. When I don’t know what to wear, I choose a white shirt. I love them and find them fascinating; and they can be worn in many different ways”.

“You can wear them with or without jewelry, with jeans or with a long or short skirt. It can be worn for special occasions or even for work”.


Myself "LAdyFozaza" with both Carolina Herrera & Daughter in Dubai

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