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Saturday, April 13, 2013

5 Easy Ways to Lose Weight This Summer!!

FG10 takes you through the top five ways to lose weight this summer include tips that can be easily added to anyone's lifestyle, with minimal effort.

1. Pick Up Your Pace

Walk, clean, dance, and get moving if you want to lose weight. Summer months are the perfect time pick up the pace and start to move around. The longer hours of daylight can encourage more physical activity that the darker winter days and evenings in front of the computer or televisions set. Thinking about losing weight, or even dieting while spending 8 hours a day sitting in a chair, will not work.

The best part about moving more is that there are so many easy ways to include more movement in your life. Turning on the radio and dancing a bit, while washing the dishes, or getting outside to mow the lawn will boost your metabolism. House cleaning becomes more interesting when calories can be burned on a three-our floor washing and closet cleaning adventure. It is easier to include short spurts of activity into the day for many people, rather than find the time for a scheduled aerobics class at the gym. Moving in some way, every hour for 10 minutes will add 80 minutes of physical movement and in a day. An after dinner walk for 30 minutes around the neighborhood can provide many health benefits, aside from weight loss.

2. Lose the Soda

Put down the soda, even the diet brands. Sometimes even the word "diet" written on a soda can, can be a reminder that a person is focused on weight issues. This may not be the case when health concerns require diet soda, but many people seem to struggle with the misconception that diet soda will somehow help with weight loss. Switching to water will help to rehydrate the body. Water is also a key component for weight loss. Drinking water with meals will help with digestion and add zero calories, caffeine, or artifical sweeteners to the body. There are also many new water based beverages on the market that may be helpful. FUZE Healthy Infuzions has a line of FUZE Slenderize beverages that contain between 5 and 10 calories, and multiple vitamins.

3. Be a Kid Again

Get outdoors, go camping, or go to an amusement park this summer to lose a few pounds. There is nothing better than burning up calories while having some good, old-fashioned fun. Instead of sitting on the deck watching the kids play in the yard, join in the outdoor games. Another option for some people who enjoy sports might be to join a summer volleyball league, or take up tennis.

Swimming is a great activity for nearly every level of fitness. Combining a walk with a swim afterwards will give a double boost to the metabolism. Most kids know how to enjoy the summer and stay active. Adults tend to forget how to "play," though the benefits can be both physical and psychological. Be a kid again this summer if you want to burn off some extra calories.

4. Load up on Fresh Summer Vegetables and Fruits

Fresh vegetables and fruits are some of summer's best healthy treasures. Adding more fruits and vegetables to the diet will add health benefits, while providing lower calorie nutrition. Most fruits and vegetables can be eaten without restriction, without worrying about adding too many extra calories.

Shop at the local farmers market or check the nearby grocery store to see if it sells locally grown fruits and vegetables. This not only helps with efforts to "go green," but the freshest fruits and vegetables will be those that are locally grown. Try adding meal cominations to your diet by doubling the fruit and vegetable portions and cutting the meat portion in half. Have two vegetables and a smaller portion of meat, with a fruit dessert to maximize the health benefits and weight loss efforts.

5. Clean out the Cupboards

Before starting any efforts to lose weight, clean out the cupboards. Donate extra snacks and junk foods to a local food pantry and get rid of high calorie midnight munchies. Make a pledge to keep the kitchen free of high calorie foods out of the kitchen for the summer. This will lower the temptation to grab a snack that works against losing weight. When the urge for a treat arises, go to the store to buy it, or grab an ice cream cone at your favorite ice cream shop.

The goal of losing weight by using these five suggestions is to develop a healthier lifestyle that will naturally promote weight loss, or weight maintenance. Gradual changes can have lasting effects that will win in the long run over the latest fad diet.

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