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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lady Fozaza SS2013 Scarves... What's your story?

Every scarf tells a story.. Every scarf is a character, a vision, a personality. Fashion speaks? Yes it does. Which one are you??

The Meticulous Monkey

I see you survived the lab experiments. Our ancestors would certainly be pleased. My precise calculations indicate that your owner's terrible choice broke the sale record at the Wall-Mart's winter must-have division. If it were me, which will only be over my remains, I would just turn back to performing tricks.

The Cunnning Chameleon

Think again before you fail miserably at escaping my watchful eye. I can taste your desperation all the way from up here. May be you ought to rid yourself off that polka dotted disaster your master told you for a jacket. By now, the unchanging color of my skin should tell you that you are not a threat.

The Proud Parrot

Not that I don't Enjoy being the one to break the ice, but this, I'd rather be the first to break it to you. This particulat barnyard piece that sits so disgracefully on her shoulders along with you was last seen on a lonely scarecrow. Since you are my kind, here's what i propose you do: flap your wings. For good.


Advertising Agency: Livingroom, United Arab Emirates
Creative Director: Mansoor Bhatti
Senior Copywriter: Umer Razzak
Senior Art Director: Nisreen Shahin
Illustrator: Jana Jelovac

1 comment:

Virginia said...

are all beautiful! have a colorful and a perfect print! I love, I could not pick just one, I like them all!

Yesterday I sent the mail to the address you gave me,thanks!!

Big kiss!!!!


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