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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Rihanna and Kate Moss get it on for V Magazine

Rihanna spanks Kate Moss in a shoot for V Magazine - and there's a saucy teaser to go with it.

Rihanna was in the doghouse for leaking pictures of a kinky shoot she did with Kate Moss for V Magazine. The photos, shot by Mario Testino and posted on her Twitter account back in November, are now officially out in the latest issue of the glossy. Since you already know what they look like thanks to Rihanna's premature blabbing, there's a behind-the-scenes teaser by way of a little bonus.

So, we've got a scantily clad Rihanna making good on her declaration that whips and chains excite her as she spanks the equally scantily-clad Moss's bum; Moss palming the singer's boobs; Mario Testino going in for a Rihanna and Moss sandwich, before collapsing into a fit of laughter, and generally lots of seductive eyes and pouting at the camera.

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