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Monday, December 31, 2012

Your Fashion Horoscope... on FG10!!

Just for the fun of it, FG10 brings you your "Fashion Horoscope"...


Venus, planet of beauty is asking that you move into the New Year with a sense of adventure, choosing to use this as an opportunity for a fresh start. If 2012 became a little too serious at times then you have a chance for a lighter approach as you move into 2013. If you're going to move out of a fashion rut then do it from Day 1.


The New Year brings an opportunity for a fresh start and an opportunity to change things up a bit. With Venus, planet of beauty spending her last full week in a passionate part of your chart she's urging you to get off the fence and make some bold fashion choices. Whether it's small changes or a complete makeover, this is the week to do it.


Move into the New Year ready to make the resolutions that you're ready and willing to make and if you're not quite ready to make any big changes on the fashion front then don't. With Venus, planet of beauty not moving to a passionate and change focused part of your chart until next week, you're better off exploring or researching your options first.


The New Moon is likely to bring a new sense of resolve, especially on the health and/or fitness front and it's being led by Venus, planet of beauty, who this week is focusing more on inner beauty than window dressing. Whether it's to lose a few pounds or get in shape this is simply a means to an end, with Venus focusing more on the natural glow that comes from inner health and vitality.


Whether you're on holiday or it's back to work, choose to hold onto a sense of fun, romance and playfulness that Venus, planet of beauty is sending you into the New Year with. With life due to become a lot more work focused from next week, use fashion to bring more colour, vibrancy and fun into your everyday life.


Your biggest challenge this week is going to be finding a balance between work and play, with the less complicated you can make your life the better. The last thing you need is to create fashion emergencies where there are none, making your own choices about when or even if you can be bothered putting in the effort to dress up or a more casual holiday look has a better feel.


You're emerging into the new week and into the New Year with a brand new attitude, for out of nowhere your romantic and creative passions have emerged and this is set to colour every aspect of your life and especially your fashion choices. As you move into 2013 there'll be a hunger for more fun, colour and vibrancy in everything you do and wear.


The key to your fashion choices as you move into the New Year is confidence and believing in yourself, with a need to go for the fashion choices and options that make you feel comfortable and good about yourself. This makes this less about fashion trends and more about setting your own course, with the New Year offering a chance for a fresh start.


With Venus, planet of beauty staying on in your sign as you move into the New Year you'll do so with a clear sense of what you want and like across all the currencies in your life, but especially on the fashion front. This not only gives you your own strong sense of style but a clear sense of when you can be bothered and when you can't.


If you're looking to embrace a new look for the New Year then you're better off to wait until next week when Venus, planet of beauty returns to your sign. Until then it's a nostalgic or retro look and focus that is likely to be more appealing. Until you know what your fashion tastes are going to be you're better off waiting, feeling your way first.


There is a very fun, social and serendipitous force in play this week and considering the huge professional year you're moving into, this is giving you a chance to blow off some cobwebs. With plenty of both planned and unscheduled social events on your calendar always have something ready to pop on at a moments notice, avoiding fashion emergencies before they can occur.


Choose to take a more relaxed approach to your fashion choices in terms of refusing to see this as a competition. Chances are the only person who is judging you is you and while it's okay to raise the bar and put in extra effort to look your best, it's got to be on your own terms and because you want to, not because you feel it's required of you.

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