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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Kim & Kourtney Kardashian Show Off Right & Wrong

Kim & Kourtney Kardashian Show Off Right & Wrong Way To Wear Peplum

The reality star sisters looked like they coordinated their outfits — but unfortunately we weren’t totally loving both looks! Read on for tips on how to wear peplum the right way, (and how you can avoid Kim’s unflattering outfit situation!).

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian both stepped out for a South Beach shopping trip on Dec. 12 — and it looks like they planned to match in peplum! The sisters, who are currently filming Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, sported similar looks — but while they showed off the same trend, we had two totally different opinions on their style choices! Kourtney looked so chic, colorblocking with her choice of separates, while Kim wound up showing off more than she bargained for, spilling out of her crop-top and skirt combo.

Kim loves putting her assets on full display in tight clothing, but in this instance her fashion choice totally let her down. While I like the idea of balancing a high-waisted skirt with a crop top, Kim was spilling out of the space in between her top and bottom — and this only happened cause her skirt was just a drop too tight! Had she sized up with her skirt I’m sure we would have had a totally different opinion of her outfit — although honestly, I just don’t think the tight-knit crop top did anything to enhance her figure in a positive way, (and it’s rare that I see a crop top I don’t like). Had Kim opted for a blouse tucked in to her skirt we probably would have been loving the outfit. Her leather skirt has the potential to be fierce, but instead she wound up looking frumpy.

We love the way Kim flaunts her curves when she looks chic, not sloppy! We’ve embraced her and her va-va-voom curves, but now it’s time for Kim to do the same and start dressing for her body type. Honestly, we’re surprised by her recent style blunder, simply because we would expect her to know better — but I guess the occasional ‘what was I wearing moment’ can happen to the best of them.

So, how can you avoid Kim’s fashion mishap? It’s simple! Make sure you aren’t squeezing yourself into a skirt that’s too small — or a look that’s not flattering on you! It’s important to recognize that not everyone can pull off an awesome outfit. Sometimes it’s better to skip trying a trend rather than wearing something you don’t look great in.

If you want to try the peplum trend, I suggest taking tips from Kourtney. I like the way she used a belt to define her waist, really accentuating her figure. The structured shoulders on the zip-up, coral top complimented her olive peplum skirt. A peplum can work wonders on a variety of body types. If you’re curvy like the Kardashian gals, it can define your curves and really enhance your assets. If you have more of a boyish body, it could give the illusion of having more curves — and the ruffle can also hide a little tummy if you’re trying to conceal a little extra weight.

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