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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Kate Moss heading to the X Factor??

X Factor boss Simon Cowell wants supermodel Kate Moss to act as a style consultant on the show, according to rumours.

She's made her fortune posing in front of cameras, but when it comes to talking on camera, Kate Moss usually likes to keep mum.

All that could be set to change however, if rumours in the Mirror today turn out to be true.

The tabloid is reporting that X Factor mogul Simon Cowell is: "looking at ways of refreshing the show and one idea he will bring to the table is getting Kate Moss on board" according to a source.

The mole continues: "He knows how important the styling of the contestants is and having a supermodel and a world-famous name on board would certainly raise the bar. Kate could give the contestants advice and ideas on how they want to look and also how to look after themselves and still look great in the years ahead."

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