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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Kate Middleton Diamond Earring... NOT REAL!!

As sales of her imitation jewellery range soar, Belinda Hadden is the latest to profit from 'The Kate Effect.'

While you might raise a glass to your son's graduation or the birth of a first grandchild, you'd be forgiven for splashing out on a vast crate of Moet if the Duchess of Cambridge endorsed your jewellery business.

Like every belt, bow and perfectly poised fascinator, the Duchess's choice of earrings she wore to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee caused a figurative (and literal) diamond rush. Thing is, they weren't real.

The Duchess's £48 pearl and cubic zirconia earrings were part of Belinda Hadden's online range of convincing, imitation jewellery. The owner of Heavenly Necklaces enjoyed a stratospheric rise in profits once internet whistleblowers www.whatkatewore.com had identified the site.

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