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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Harvey Nichols' 'Love Thyself' beauty campaign attracts complaints

The retailer's 'Love Thyself' beauty campaign has prompted complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority for its "overly sexual depiction of women."

Harvey Nichols' 'Love Thyself' beauty campaign has attracted complaints to the ASA

Harvey Nichols has a knack for an eye-catching, if not wholly appropriate, fashion campaign. Its summer sales ad featured a model with a wet patch on her nether regions and the tagline: "Try to contain your excitement", which drew 105 complaints and prompted an investigation by the Advertising Standards Authority (verdict: not guilty of anything other than bad taste).

Now the ad for its beauty shop is rubbing people up the wrong way. Beauty Bazaar's "Love Thyself" campaign, which sees girls snogging their mirror image, has racked up 15 complaints since the store opened in Liverpool last month. "[Complainants] say the ads are offensive and potentially harmful, [ they] believe the imagery is overly sexual in its depiction of women," the ASA said.

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