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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Paris Hilton angers Saudis by opening store in Mecca

Paris Hilton's fifth handbag and accessories shop in Saudi Arabia has been accused of affronting the principals of Islam, and earned her a backlash of Twitter abuse in the process.

The American socialite and hotel heiress who's Twitter is awash with optimistic, life-affirming titbits such as - "Smile, because you're beautiful... Stand strong, because haters can't bring you down" and "I love black and white photographs. They are always so timeless" - has sparked controversy in the Middle East. From the very same account.

Posting a picture of her new accessories store in Saudia Arabia's holy city of Mecca - don't worry, we weren't fully aware of this best-selling handbag line either - Paris caused a backlash of abuse from an insulted Islamic community, with some claiming it as an "affront" to the "principal sanctuary" of the religion.

Her bubbly Tweet - "Loving my beautiful new store that just opened at Mecca Mall in Saudi Arabia!" - was met with disgruntled comments such as: "Saudi claim there are other ways to allow for pilgrims, and if religiosity is of such importance, why is Paris Hilton being allowed a store in Mecca?" The first comment was merely the understated, yet powerful "R u kidding?", according to the New York Daily News .

Undeterred by "The world is a corrupt place at the moment. Someone please send me to Mars" comments, the 31-year-old quietly reminded the Twitter sphere that this is her fifth store in Saudi Arabia alone, and number 42 in total.

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