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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Kate Moss and George Michael take their friendship to the cover of Vogue Paris

Neighbours, friends, and now cover stars. Kate Moss and BFF George Michael land the October 2012 cover of Vogue Paris.

George and Kate, sitting in a tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Well, probably not the last bit, but the celebrity pair - who are also neighbours in London's chi-chi Highgate Village, really do seem to be the best of friends at the moment.

After Moss moaned that being left out of Michael's Freedom 90 supermodel video was her greatest career regret, Michael promptly made amends by giving Croydon's finest a starring role in his latest single 'White Light' in which she flips a coin to decide the singer's fate.

George later told Magic FM that he chose Kate because she reminds him of his late mum, who the singer was extremely close to. "Every boy who has lost their mum thinks his mum was the most beautiful woman in the world. Why not ask someone who is considered the most beautiful woman in the world in many ways to be that figure?" Welling up here already…

Now the pair have had their love-in committed to fashion history thanks to a Vogue Paris cover and spread shot by renowned photographer, Mario Testino.

We haven't had a peek between the sheets yet, and the cover line 'The pop star falls for the top model, by Mario Testino' doesn't give much away, but this much we do know: A bronzed and bearded George looks in fine fettle after his brush with death last year, and is busting an altogether much more acceptable outfit than the world of leather festival he showed up in at the Olympics Closing Ceremony, while Moss still scrubs up well for the camera (though we would LOVE to get a glimpse of the re-touching bill).

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