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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Did Chris Brown get a tattoo of Rihanna's battered face?

Just when we thought naff rapper Chris Brown couldn't get any more offensive (his crimes against fashion are enough to pique our gag reflexes let alone his prosecution for beating up ex-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009), the utter moron has lowered even his own critically depleted standards.

Brown recently unveiled his new 'ink', a charming tattoo adorning his neck.

Now, what would be the most brainless thing you could get permanently etched on your neck if you were a convicted abuser. Hmm, let's see… how about a picture of a battered woman's face? Not just any woman though, not controversial enough. How about one that looks just like the image of Rihanna's swollen face that hit the internet in the aftermath of the attack which left her with a split lip and bruised eyes? Genius!

Despite inexplicably managing to rebuild his career since his conviction, (one which as far as we can detect is built on instantly forgettable nonsense), clocking up number one singles and albums and even the odd Grammy Award along the way, Brown still seems intent upon making the whole world continue to hate him.

He, of course, denies that the tattoo is Rihanna telling TMZ that it's just a "random woman", while his tattoo artist Peter Koskela told EW.com that the image was inspired by a M.A.C cosmetics design of a skull associated with the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead (see, moronic) which Brown asked him to convert to a tattoo.

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