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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Stella McCartney launches Little Miss Stella childrenswear

Stella McCartney designs a capsule childrenswear featuring 'Little Miss Stella', the Little Miss character inspired by her.

Arlo T-shirt, £30, from Stella McCartney's Little Miss Stella line launching in August

A couple of years ago, Stella McCartney collaborated with the people behind the Mr Men and Little Miss series to design a new character. The result was the dead adorable Little Miss Stella (inspired by McCartney, naturally), who appeared on the invitations - a proper Little Miss book - to her spring/summer 2007 catwalk show. 

Little Miss Stella - isn't she cute?

In terms of literary greatness, perhaps the story - Little Miss Stella meets Little Miss Nobody, otherwise known as Billy No Mates because she's wearing last season's shoes or something, designs an amazing suit for her and turns her into a somebody - doesn't quite rival War and Peace 's, but, then again, War and Peace doesn't have a character whose skin tone is a fetching shade of blue. You win some, you lose some.

Felt tips from the Little Miss Stella line

Little Miss Stella is the inspiration for McCartney's new seven-piece Kids' capsule collection, and appears on everything from babygros, jumpers and T-shirts, to bags and felt-tips. 

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Bingo Online said...

The little miss series! I love it! I have shirts of that and my daughter has, too!


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