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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Louboutin loses "Red Soles" Battle to ZARA

Shoe designer Christain Louboutin has failed at another attempt to defend his trademark red soles, this time to high-street chain Zara.

Designer Christian Louboutin Photo: REUTERS

Chrisitian Louboutin has lost another red sole-centred battle, this time against high-street chain Zara.

The case erupted in 2011 when Louboutin sued Zara France for "counterfeiting and unfair competition" when they sold a £45 (49 euros) pair of red-soled, opened-toed shoes similar to Louboutin's 'Yo Yo' style.

The courts initially ruled in favour of Louboutin, however Zara successfully appealed against the decision, and in June 2011 Christian Louboutin was ordered to pay Zara £2,016 (2,500 euros). The most recent set-back is the result of Christian Louboutin appealing the June 2011 ruling, in which Zara argued that "the terms of Louboutin's trademark registration were too vague, noting for instance that it did not contain a Pantone colour reference for the red soles."
Last week, the French court upheld the ruling in favour of Zara, noting that "there was no proven risk of confusion between Louboutin's shoes and the Zara pair", reports WWD .
Alexis Mourot, group chief operating officer and general manager of Christian Louboutin, said the company would continue defending its red soles, despite their most recent defeat: "Another red sole trademark application has been successfully registered and we will enforce this trademark against any infringers."

It's another blow for the famed French cordwainer in his tireless quest to trademark his red soles - he is currently in the process of appealing a similarly drawn-out case involving luxury fashion house Yves Saint Laurent.


The chic and cheap said...

very interesting post and very beautiful blog.

would you like to follow each other? let me know.

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The chic and cheap blog

MªJosé Fernández said...

amo lo zapatos de este diseñador! muak

MªJosé Fernández said...

amo lo zapatos de este diseñador! muak


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