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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

WIN 7000 AED with Lady Fozaza & Become a Designer TODAY!!

Because every great empire was once a sketch on a piece of paper, Lady Fozaza's designer Alanoud Badr believes that every idea, dream and thought if given the opportunity to grow and nurture, it shall see light and grow.

From that perspective, we have decided to give you the opportunity to explore your talent and provide you with the floor to make your fashion dreams a reality.

Steps to enter the competition:

1. LIKE us on Facebook http://facebook.com/LadyFozaza

2. Post on the wall anything you feel like saying.

3. Follow us on Twitter @Fozaza

4. Change your Twitter AVATAR to the image below.

5. Tweet anything you feel like saying, while you include: #MyFozazaDream

5. Sketch your OWN Blazer and style it.

The competition will run over a period of ONE MONTH effective July 01, 2012. Deadline for submissions is August 1. to LadyFozazaPR@gmail.com
The winner will be announced on AUGUST 08, 2012.


1. A 7000 AED shopping voucher from Bloomingdale's

2. Designer Alanoud Badr will actually produce the blazer he/she sketched, name it after the winner and release it within her collection. (Release will depend on specifications so it matches the season).


1. This is your chance to explore your fashion skills, so let the sky be your limit.

2. Not everything you draw could be executed, so be reasonable.

3. To be fair, each contestant should submit ONE design only.

4. Deadline for submissions is August 1.



Anonymous said...

y cnt we get to submit 2 designs?

Anonymous said...

y cnt we submit 2 designs :(??

Anonymous said...

can we submit more then one and you choose?

Anonymous said...

who is the winner?!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Sakhaa Thana said...

Done it all xx

Twitter: @sakabdul


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