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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

YSL Opium AD is Eighth most Complained About

Yves Saint Laurent's infamous Opium advert featuring a naked Sophie Dahl is the eighth most complained about advert in the last 50 years.

The infamous Yves Saint Laurent Opium perfume advert featuring a naked Sophie Dahl has been named as the eighth most-complained about in the last 50 years in a new survey released by the Advertising Standards Agency.

The campaign first made headlines in 2000 when the French fashion house plastered the image of red-headed Dahl, unclothed but for some sparkly jewels and a pair of heels and posing suggestively, on billboards around the country. Shot by Steven Meisel, Tom Ford - who was then the newly-appointed creative director of YSL - hoped the advert would put the then-ailing brand back on the fashion map whilst also giving a nod to house's history of sexual provocation and female liberation.

Ford's technique worked and the image has since become synonymous with the house, and Opium - which was first launched in 1977 - remains one of YSL's best-known scents.

The ASA received 948 complaints that the image was too sexually suggestive and unsuitable to be seen by children. As a result it was removed from billboards, but was still allowed to be used in appropriate magazines. - Telepgraph UK


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