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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Karl Lagerfeld stars in music video with Snoop Dogg

Designer Karl Lagerfeld has teamed up with French musician Jean-Roch to star in his music video 'Saint-Tropez', which also features rapper Snoop Dogg.

Karl Lagerfeld often leaves us near-speechless (remember the time he called Adele too fat? ) well this time we're well and truly lost for words.

The Chanel creative director has somehow found the time - in-between redesigning hotels and staging decadent fashion shows at Versailles - to star in a music video. And that's not all - misbehaving rapper Snoop Dogg is also in this!!

Yes, the evidence is below, as French singer-songwriter Jean-Roch managed to persuade Lagerfeld to profess his love of Saint-Tropez, the south of France's coastal enclave for the rich and famous, where he staged an extravagant Chanel Resort show back in 2010.

Beware, the tune is ridiculously catchy. Altogether now: 'sitting on the dock, sitting on the dock…' ;-)

*FG10 team is currently dancing... We shall blog you soon!!*

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