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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Alanoud Badr aka Lady Fozaza: From Bold to Baby, with Evian

Following the remarkable success gained across the Internet with their baby viral video, Evian created a T-Shirt in honor of the popular campaign. It is so irresistibly cute  that it got sold out within minutes from selling it online. You could just not but fall in love with its "awesomeness"!! The tees allow just about anyone to unveil the cool hip-hoppin baby within. The idea behind the campaign is that youth is not a matter of age, but rather a mindset. It is never about age, but it's about the spirit and energy within that makes you connect to your youth, forever… Our Alanoud Badr has been selected as one of the faces to pause for the Evian Tees, and we cannot but salute Evian for their impeccable choice. The fearless bold Lady Fozaza goes "baby" with Evian! Keep coming because you never know when we'll post Alanoud's photoshoot! 

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