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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Designer to WATCH: Sarah Baadarani A/W 2012 Lookbook

Sarah Baadarani is a new Luxury womenswear label, founded in 2012. 
The label's signature is to create a modern classicism, which in turn is distinctive and timeless.
The essence is sensual, feminine and powerfully elegant.
At the heart of the label, lie wearable pieces with an effortless and personal feel.
The play between hard and soft elements combined in each piece creates a unique and fresh balance.
A sense of controlled drapery, gives fluidity a new strength. 


Maha Lub said...

wow! these clothes are amazing!!!
sarah baadarani... hm!!!!!!!!!!!! new fav ;)
thanx 4 sharing

Sam Choudhary said...

Wow, what a fantastic collection! Love the structured femininity of the line and I'm drooling over this skirt.


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