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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Marni for H&M countdown....

Lets face it.. Marni isnt for everyone.. 
a unique & signature style that will instantly lift you to another Fashion Dimension
But if its not your style.. 
you realize you can always make it your own..
cause owning a piece of Marni is like owning a piece of Fashion History!
your kids and grandkids will be grateful
you werent too limited with ur fashion..
after all.. 
its how you wear it... 

So how would you wear urs??? 

OUT MARCH 8th!!! 

1 comment:

Maha Lub said...

Marni is my soft spot... You are totally right, owning a pice of this brand is owning a piece of Fashion History. Have you seen the beautiful commercial by Sofia Coppola??


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