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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Local Talent: Jewelry designer CARLA ATALLAH

Creative founder and director of the eponymous jewellery brand Carla line, 

Carla Atallah was born in a world of talents, characterized by creative and insight abilities that followed her from her native hometown, Lebanon.

Her design philosophy follows a unique path, In creating and developing unique collection of jewellery based on an art form which has the power to create moods, Provoke opinions... and produce reactions.

Her ultimate goal is evoking dreams, Living in the lyrics of poems, Sensing the love affair between songs and her muses which produces whimsy and rare imagination pieces through the use of striking color and inventive design in each of her pieces, Which is what Carla Atallah’s signature look is all about.

I'm thinking its a GREAT Gift for a certain LOVE day coming up?!!? 
Valentines maybe?? 

Get in touch with CARLA for your personal pendant and more..

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