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Friday, January 20, 2012

Customise your OWN Ceeplate handbag with CeeCode!

Dont mind the FLIP effect of the Mirror lol
the BAG says "FOZAZA"

This beauty was customized just for me from the FAbulous BRAND CeeCode!


And before you can figure out how to customize your very own Ceeplate bag.. 
Let me tell you a bit about this Unique Brand of Handbags

CEECODE handbags are created by the young designer Cynthia Pennikian. 
Born on November 14,1987, Cynthia's energy and ideas rapidly fueled the first line of Ceecode Handbags 
in February 2011. 
The CEECODE collection reflects her dedication to the world of handbags 
and ever growing fashion sense.

Made out of the finest leathers and variety of prints, Ceecode is a selective and distinctive line rangi
ng from classic to everyday, overnight clutches and handbags.

CEECODE recognizes every woman's personality code, attitude and style, 
and delivers free spirited designs with a reflection of fun, love for life and elegance. 
to explore their collection and customize your very own!!!

So what are you waiting for???? 

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