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Saturday, December 31, 2011

HOT VIDEO: LAdyFozaza Takes part in Amr Diab's NEW VideoClip

LAdyFozaza has made its way into the NEW Video Clip of the SUPERSTAR
AMR DIAB's new Video Clip of the HIT song "Banadeek T'aala" 

Amr Diab with the Leading LAdy as the DJ in STUDIO 10

The music video is directed by Jac Mulder and Jana Media Group is the production house
Banadeek Taala is composed by Amr Diab, written by Tamer hussein, 
and arranged by Adel Hakki

Await the music video very soon on Rotana channels!


One of the Models on the Dance Floor in VENUS by LAdyFozaza

Check out more from LAdyFozaza HERE! 

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