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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Diesel Woman is BORN again in its SS12 Preview Collection

its the year for us women!
and FG10 approves of this new shift in Diesel
a true celebration of what makes us so special...

I am who I am

 I am the kid in this picture, passionate and excited, if a little shy at first.
Like that kid, I am the sum of my experiences.
Which is why I grab life’s opportunities and make the most of them.
Why I never stop aiming high, always learning from role models, friends and family.
Why I have the confidence, strength and courage to fight for my desires.

 I live life as it comes, always improvising, always creating.
It takes courage, the courage of my convictions, to live life like this.
Which is why I admit my mistakes – because they help me move forward and live life better.

I set my own rules, I’ve created my own code.
Which is why I don’t like people telling me what to do, even if I never stop listening.
Why I have my rock’n’roll side: you know, nights out with friends, dancing, moments of feeling free and strong.

Which is why I say: “This is my time!”
I love playing music while I'm reading, and checking my emails. I hate cooking but I love my very special chocolate cake. I go to the movies to sleep, cry, laugh, smile and eat popcorns. I could spend a year traveling but I love my job, I can't help working hard and passionately everyday. 
I share time with my friends more than with my tv.

 Everything I wear is an expression of who I am.
Which is why I wake up, look through my clothes and choose what suits my mood, 
what reflects how I’m feeling that day.
Which is why my clothes say that I am honest and never pretend to be what I’m not – they’re my second skin, an extension of me.
I love cutting my collars, wearing the same jeans for days, stealing clothes from my man, wearing a big bag with nothing or too many things in it.

 This is my life – one in which a smile, a look, speak louder than words – 
and this is how I’ve chosen to live.
I am confident and strong – and confident and strong has always been feminine.
I am a Diesel woman, living life to the fullest, brave and full of life.

I am who I am, simply.


Pay close attention to their jeans line...

 Fit your attitude. A new denim era.

Five new styles completely re-designed to flatter the woman body and fit her attitude. 
A unique wash selection from a company with more than 30 years of experience in denim.

Denim is completely redefined in the SS 2012 Preview collection thanks to the Grupee, Getlegg, Bootzee, Highkee and Myguy styles. 

'Fit your attitude' is a full long term concept which will be communicated to consumers. It combines five different fits with the perfect washes. Diesel attitude for every occasion.

a super-slim-fit jean with a super-skinny leg, it features a higher yoke and draws its inspiration from a strong and free spirited woman in a sexy night out at a club.

a slim-fit pair of jeans with skinny legs but wider at the knee and with a higher back that’s perfect for a real and positive girl in her free time and everyday life.

jeans perfect for dressing up and hard days work, to feel sensual and sophisticated. A thin bootcut leg on a regular slim fit, with higher back pockets and a regular rise.

the “night around town” denim, inspired by the fifties era, for a fashionable and chic look. Straight leg and slim fit with high waist and taller back pocket to guarantee a great look on the back.

boyfriend jeans designed for spontaneous and playful women; the perfect denim for browsing a flea market on a Sunday morning. They feature a boyfriend-leg cut and a relaxed fit with a low crotch and slightly tapered leg. 

 In-stores mid-December.

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