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Sunday, November 27, 2011

fg10's christmas Gift list with Chanel

this is going straight to my WISH LIST! 
and for all you men who are stuck with a SUPER fashionista 
then this GIFT will get you places..

Presented in the label's signature quilted leather and adorned with the famous double 'C', 
François Baudot and François Aveline's 'Chanel Luxe' trilogy is the ultimate collector's item for lovers of the iconic French fashion house. With three books exploring Fine Jewelry, Perfume and Coco herself,
 these wonderful volumes are a testament to the incomparable achievements and history of the brand.



La Katღ said...

From your post directly to my Xmass wish list :) I need this!

La Kat

Sam said...

These books look awesome... but they're so expensive! o_o


s said...

I really did fall in love with your design of jackets. I want one to, where can i find one??? Read what I write about u for "news in fashionworld in sweden! XX http://rokasprestige.com/2011/11/lady-fozaza-inspiration/

LadyFozaza said...

La kat :))) its on my LIST as well <3<3 crossing my fingers lol

Sam.. true lol thats why its on our wish lists :p

S... thank you so much for the LOVELY post.. <3<3 you can order them through walkin closet.. we ship internationally send them an email to order@walkinclosetshop.com and check out the fan page for new styles.. http://www.facebook.com/ladyfozaza


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