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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

FG10 EXCLUSIVE: Canvas by Dolly

They say a picture is worth a thousand words... but a canvas by Dolly is worth a lifetime of memories so close to reality you can almost see it play back!

I have introduced the Fabulous Designer Dolly by Dalia Darwish in a previous post
with her FAbulous Ramadan fashion 

well now i have the pleasure of introducing you to a fabulous new concept she has made her own
Allowing each picture to stand out in ways you never thought possible...
in her attention to Details, Dalia allows each piece to tell its story!
by adding anything from fabrics, to beads to pearls to flowers ...
from Bridal, B-days, honeymoons, self portraits, Pets to Celebrity icons
and identities.

its creativity at its finest and the PERFECT Gift for your LOVED ones
on any given occasion...

The Veil is added on to create Drama as well as the Gorgeous necklace

Necklace added to the Canvas for some GORGEOUS effect!
 Lights were added to the dress to create a FAB GLAM effect

Attention to Details is incredible downt to the Mishlah



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