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Thursday, October 13, 2011

FG10 Chats with Kim Kardashian at Atlantis

KIM in a stunning Barney's dress with a vintage Belt 
and some Louboutin heels.

Kris Jenner in Pucci and radiant standing next to the MAN that made it all happen
Sheeraz Hasan Founder and CEO of Millions of Milkshakes

"it's great to have Kim and Kris here in Dubai to open the first Millions of Milkshakes 
in the Middle East.  They are our guests in at the Atlantis, and in the UAE and 
the Millions of Milkshakes team will show them all of the sights in the upcoming days, 
we have desert trips planned, caramel rides and traditional Arabic Food as well 
as a trip to see the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa"
says Sheeraz.

Kris Jenner said: "Kim and I have always wanted to see the Middle EAst. 
We have heard so much about Dubai, and we are absolutely thrilled to be here.
Kim and i have been blown away but the warm welcome from the people of the UAE,
and we are very much looking fwd to visiting the new millions of Milkshakes 
store in The Dubai Mall tomorrow and making our shakes for fans.
My milkshake is chocolate and caramel based, as i have always had a sweet tooth"

Kim said: "I'm so happy to be in Dubai, with my Mom to launch my new shake, 
I'm very health-concious, so i've chosen a fruity and nutritious drink that i hope
my fans enjoy.  i'm so looking forward to meeting my fans tomorrow
at the Dubai Mall for the opening ceremony. My Family and i love to visit
millions of milkshakes in LA, and i am certain that the people of the UAE
will love the millions of milkshakes experience too"

At the press conference waiting for Kim Kardashian to arrive
at the Atlantis "Asateer" tent. 
With myself Rocking the LAdy Fozaza "thunder cat" 
and Zoe Rocking the LAdy Fozaza Sheera! 
KIM Kardashian had her eyes on two of them :)
and we sent her just that <3 


The TWINZ take over! 

THE E! entertainment channel crew! 
we couldn't resist not posing with them! 

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