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Monday, September 5, 2011

Jeans CRUSH: Diesel's Divinely Stretch 5-Pockets Collection

is a new advanced fashion fit, very low crotch with banana leg look.
 Ergonomic fit: play of pleats and complex stitching, 
which move across the leg to the back of the hem. 
Sparks & dye wash is a long and complex treatment involving at least 2 steps in washing. The denim is washed together with a color that hits 
the pant randomly that brings out focused areas for a worn-out look.

is traditional legging fit with knee stitching details. Comfortable style made
 with superstretch fabrics, super slim and long legs.


Diesel Matic K-2
 is an iconic Diesel style with a curved yoke and small back pockets.
 Unique pop-up 5thpocket ankle length and special hem construction with double layering. 
The high belt construction helps to contain the hips, 
the yoke and the back pockets position shape the back. Push-up effect. Slim legs.

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