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Monday, September 5, 2011

HOT VIDEO: The LANVIN dance off!

I fell in love with this campaign for soo many reasons!!
its something we can all relate to dont u think? 
i'm soooooo READY to PARTY with my girls right now!!! 
A great touch to what we all fell in love with.
Lanvin never looked so approachable ;)

Primped and adorned in LANVIN dresses, two gorgeous ladies are ready 
for a night on the town.  
Just as we believe they’re about to step out for the evening… 
they stand in position, fixate their eyes on their screen and on cue, start to groove to the music and sway their hips in sync.  Moving to the rhythm of the beat, the girls swing their arms in the air creating a visual show, 
as the audience catches glimpses of the chic evening clutch in one hand 
and a bejeweled cuff in the other, 
with wind in their hair.  Suddenly, the scene switches up a bit and in comes their two male companions.  
At this moment, the party has begun.  
The rhythm of the night and the synchronized steps do not delay the revealing guest surprise…

During Fashion Night Out in New York, 
participants can take up the LANVIN dance challenge.  
The event will be held on September 8th 
and the winning contestants will showcase their dance grooves at the LANVIN Boutique on Madison Avenue and have a chance to win prizes and gifts.

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