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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Guilt FREE cravings with Catwalk Cow!

The Name kinda says it all! and while i think its soooooo Original its sooo appropriate going into all the Fashion Weeks! Gota look good and pressure is on but us women need our Sugar high and Chocolate LOVE! so one would think its close to impossible to get something tasting sooo good, feel as good after the Damage! well no Damage here cause when i first put two of my Favorite Guilt free cravings together at Tasti D-lite i was sure i found Pandora's box of treasures!

to the women reading this!! 
there is a light at the end of our CRAVINGS! 


Catwalk Cow LOW FAT Fondant...
145 cals for a piping hot bowl of bliss prepared in 45 seconds!

Catwalk Cow LOW FAT Chocolate Cupcakes with Fluffy White Frosting..
.Just 90 cals a serving!

Catwalk Cow FAT FREE chewy fudge brownie mix.. 
Just add yogurt and you're ready to bake! 
103 cals per serving and zero fat!


Catwalk Cow is available across the UAE 
at all Class A Spinneys, 
Carrefour Aswaaq, 
Mega marts 
and MILK & HONEY Gourmet grocer.

Join their FACEBOOK page HERE! for more details!

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