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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Gossip Girl Returns...

Ahhh the cast of Gossip Girl are back filming for the fifth season, (I CAN'T WAIT) Lots of new wardrobes to be inspired from, just imagine their closet!

Dan looking quite 70s
A new cast in town Elizabeth Hurley, could she be Nate's love interest

Oh how I've missed you Mr Chuck Bass

Yeay Dorota is back! Hopefully scheming with Queen B

She's got the legs Ms Serena is all trend!

images sourced from People , skyliving-sky


Efe said...

I LOVE this show so much esp for the fashion, cant wait to see what they will be spoiling us with this season. Gossip Girl is soo addictive if you luv fashion

Doonz said...

I know its sooo addictive I want Chuck and Blair back together


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