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Friday, September 9, 2011

Galliano Found Guilty

Since Feb we have been following the case of ex Dior designer John Galliano (full story click here), and Today we find out he has been found guilty of making anti-semitic and racist comments.

Galliano charges according to Elle, 'Galliano was issued a €4,000 suspended fine (only payable if he fails to comply with court orders) and instructed to pay a symbolic euro to two plaintiffs for the February 24 incident. He was also fined €2,000 suspended, for a separate event in October 2010. The sentence did not carry any jail time".

Galliano must be pleased with the No jail time (which in my opinion would be way to harsh and unneccessary), he would've faced a maximum charge of 6 months in jail and 22,500euros in fines. Luckily his prosecutors were lenient and made him pay upto 6000euros.

Considering Galliano state at the time apparently he was heading for a breakdown, Galliano admits "After every creative high I would crash, and the alcohol would help me to escape". Who knows what could've happened to him, he should see this as a blessing in disguise.

We hope Galliano continues rehab and leads a stable future in fashion, such a shame if he doesn't continue designing. A great talent would be missed!

image sourced from TMZ,front-row-view

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