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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

For the LOVE of Vintage!!

I have been a Huge Fan of Wayed Vintage for a while now
and while i would love to keep finds like this a secrete!
I love you guys too much not to share!
Here are some FAB key peices to start with.. 
But do keep your pretty little eyes on this for more TREASURES!

This is a true collector’s piece coming from the late 60s era! 
Collected in an estate sale in a small town in Germany, 
this earring comes with gorgeous rhinestones, 
crystals and pearls. This piece is unique, elegant and chic!
Retail price: AED 400

If you have the passion for all things vintage, this earring is for you! 
Designed more than 30 years ago, 
this is an authentic and rare piece by Swarovski S.A.L; 
one of the hallmarks of the line used in the 80s before the famous ‘Swan’ logo was created. 
The chic Swarovski crystals and pearl make this piece an absolute must-have!
Retail price: AED 350

Are you inspired by Princess Diana’s glamour and elegance? 
If so, this exquisite piece is just for you. Located in the United States, 
the1989 earring comes with an excellent gold plated surround 
and an ultra chicpearl in the center.  
This earring is perfect to spice up your everyday jeans and shirt outfit, 
best with your hair worn in a ponytail style.  
(above is a picture of Princess Diana wearing a similar earring)
Retail price: AED 180

 Add a splash of color to your outfit with this chic earring! 
Wayed Vintage brings you this gorgeous diamond shaped earring 
with multicolored crystals in the middle. 
Perfect accessory to match your cocktail dress!

Retail price: AED 170

Designed and custom made by Monet for a socialite in the United States,
 this vintage necklace is part of a set and comes with a matching bracelet. 
Story has it that various designers tried to re-produce this particular necklace 
but no one was able to perfect the detail and diamond looking rhinestones 
on this wonderful Monet piece.
Retail price: AED 3,800

For more information on these Gorgeous pieces,
Check them out on Facebook HERE!
Follow them on Twitter @WayedVintage

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