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Thursday, September 29, 2011

FG10 ROCKS Splash Fashion show!!!

A CRAZY fashion show!
i kinda couldn't resist when i heard it was a Little ROCK and a little ROLL!
and a hell of a lot of FASHION!
Following every single HOT trend there is!
Splash knows how to throw a PARTY and MAKE A STATEMENT!
i look fwd to more from SPLASH!
To check out more of the Fashion  CLICK HERE!

Our Doonz making her way to the SPLASH event 
with her ROCKING LAdyFozaza "Kraze" Blazer
Zara Silver jeans 
and some TopShop Killer heels!

had to do a double take of the Fabulous Clare Geeves

the GORGEOUS Video Blogger Shamim 

The beautiful Mariam Hodge rocking the SHOW!

Such a POSTER pinup!
LOVING this from Mike Hawa

Nina Zandnia in EZRA Santos couture!
WOW what a show stopper! 

The FG10 girls ROCKING the LAdyFozaza Blazers!
girls just wana have fun!!!

Our baby Girls Mona FAres from Neon Edge!

Mona KAttan and Mariam T. 
Showing us just how to ROCK n ROLL! 

I FELL head over heels for that HAT
created by the FAbulous Diva

Tariq Edrees looking FIERCE!
in his EZRA SANTOS creation!
you left us speechless Tariq!! 

My Fabulous Fellow Bloggers!
Mariyah from Mahryska ROCKING a LAdyFozaza "Studio 10"
And the ever so Fierce Blogger USHI SATO from The Shades and Scarf


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